Anti Scam

SuperAds websites are intended to be used by local members, however, SuperAds may not always be able to prevent malicious users from visiting the websites.

Every so often, MissoulaSuperAds receives reports of ads that are posted with intent of scamming or taking advantage of our users. MissoulaSuperAds does not monitor or control users who may sell or buy on the classifieds, nor we review or validate listings, items, or services offered for sale.

With this in mind, MissoulaSuperAds users should be aware that:

    Sellers and buyers are responsible for working out the transaction of goods or services.

SuperAds does not offer any transaction or payment services on any of our sites

Users that choose to send money to buyers or sellers through third party transaction services are doing this at their own risk

 Sellers and buyers must resolve any disputes that may arise from the Site’s classified transactions.

Avoid sending money to any MissoulaSuperAds user (either through bank wire, online service, or in the mail) that you have not met in person. This will prevent future headaches of reporting scams to MissoulaSuperAds , third party transaction services, local authorities, the Federal Trade Commission etc.

Sellers and buyers are responsible for researching and complying with any applicable laws, regulations or restrictions.

Because MissoulaSuperAds is not local to any particular area, users must be aware of their own local bylaws regarding the buying or selling of any items or services such a (but not limited to): real estate; pets and animals or livestock; miscellaneous services. For further information on what cannot be listed on MissoulaSuperAds under any circumstances, see "Prohibited Items and Services" under the site Terms of Use. If there’s the slightest amount of doubt as to whether an item or service is illegal to provide or not, please inquire with your local authorities.

  Sellers and buyers are responsible for all applicable taxes and for all costs incurred by participating in the Site.

Once again, MissoulaSuperAds does not offer any transaction or payment services on any of our sites. We are also not responsible for additional charges that may be included regarding any purchase you’ve made through  the use of any MissoulaSuperAds website.

To ensure that you, your money, and your sensitive information is not being taken advantage of, here are a few things to consider:


·Never send money to sellers, whether it be through an online payment service (such as PayPal, Western Union, etc.), bank wire, or in the mail. Only pay the seller for an item or service after discussing and dealing with the transaction in person.

·When meeting a seller in person, meet in an open public place (such as a local supermarket parking lot, community park, etc.) and avoid going to, or inviting an ad poster to your personal residence, especially when you’re by yourself.

· SuperAds does not offer any payment or transaction services, if you receive any messages from MissoulaSuperAds requesting payment or confirmation of payment, it is a scam, please contact us immediately.

· Do not provide any personal, banking or financial information on the site, whether it its provided by you within your own classified ad, or through communication with other MissoulaSuperAds users. When this kind of information is being requested by you from other others, it is called phishing. Be aware that any information you post within an ad through this website is visible by anyone.

·Do not contact  sellers through any email address provided in the Ad Title or Ad Description. Always use the ‘Email Seller’ feature. Scammers will deviate from using this to avoid having their communications flagged with a registered email address.

·You should not have to provide your phone number to an ad poster. There is an option provided for ad poster’s to include their own contact phone number when placing ads on our sites. You should not have to provide the seller with your phone number in order for them to contact you.

·Users are responsible for changing their own password or registered email address, these tools are found under ‘My Account Info’ in the ‘My SuperAds’ area of the site. If you receive any messages from MissoulaSuperAds requesting any kind of account information, we simply do not do this, and it is a scam. Please contact us immediately. We will only provide account information to the email address registered to the MissoulaSuperAds account.

Lastly, familiarize yourself with today’s common scamming schemes. There are a number of resources online that can help you  prevent becoming a victim of internet fraud.

Our recommended source is OnGuardOnline.gov, a website that is supported by the Federal Trade Commission. This website shares a categorized list of today’s most common scams.

The most important thing that users need remember when using MissoulaSuperAds, is to exercise common sense. If an item or listing seems too good to be true (“Free dogs for adoption”,  a brand new car for $3000.00, etc.) than it more than likely is. If you have any shred of doubt about an ad or user, know when to walk away.

In the event you encounter an ad that you think is suspicious, please either report it to us using the ‘Report This Ad’ feature on the classified page (near Date Placed and Item Location info) OR  contact us directly to outline your concerns with the ad. Be sure to include the AD and USER ID numbers found near the bottom of the classified page. The AD and USER ID numbers are helpful for us to quickly locate and review listings.

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